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Working for alumnae, Violaine

Working for alumnae, Violaine
8 juillet 2019 communication

One of the biggest advantages of interning with FORMAMOD is that we meet so many professionals and we get a chance to work with several of them. The most recent project has been working with Violaine Tamara Fairchild, an alumnus of the school whose designs have been seen at the Cannes film festival red carpet. We’ve been helping her build a website for the VIC Group, Marketing PR, PR and Event Production Company she is kickstarting.
Victoria is working on the copywriting tasks, from what is gonna be on the current website, to the letters to potential customers, business partners, the press, and more. I worked on designing the logos for various brands, as well as the banners and pictures that will be on the website. And Fumni researched influencers and press in different countries, which could be potential customers.
For the most exciting part of our work with Violaine, on the 25th and 26th of June we had the chance to work on two photo shoots, one in Paris and another in Versailles.
For the first one, we met by the Notre Dame and Violaine and I modeled two black and gold dresses. It was all very luxurious and we shot for about five hours that morning. In the afternoon, we scouted locations for more photo shoots we hope to do in the coming weeks.
For the Versailles shoot, we met in the morning and we got dressed at Violaine’s mother’s house before walking to the palace. We had an issue with the door that we were in « in costumes », so we had to go around back towards Marie Antoinette’s house. We got a lot of incredible shots by the lake, near big staircases, and we even found a wheat field that made the aesthetic of the shoot!
The biggest challenge of our day was the heat. The sun was scorching hot and some of our dresses were very heavy. But I think the pictures are proof enough that it was worth it. And we look forward to working with Violaine again.