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Interview with alumni, Sophie Deh

Interview with alumni, Sophie Deh
8 juillet 2019 communication


On Wednesday July third, we went to Formamods alumni, Sophie Deh’s pop up shop in montmartre in Paris. Deh is a designer working with wax fabric designs. We arrived and got to help her set up the floor plan for her shop. After she made a few sales we sat down and asked her questions about her life and her collections and her time at Formamod.


She told us she draws inspiration from the street wear in cities, and that her goal is for women all across the world. Japan, Africa, America ect. to feel confident and comfortable wearing wax fabrics to express themselves. I interviewed Sophie and asked her some the following questions


1- what started your interest in fashion

2- what are your inspirations

3- what keeps you motivated

4- what is your favorite memory of your time at Formamod

5- What is the biggest take away from your time at Formamod


Sophie told us that her fashion interests come from growing up watching her fashionable mother and getting excited to one day be able to follow in her footsteps. Her favorite memory at Formamod is one of her model drawing classes, when she first began she said her drawings were no good and that everyone got a good laugh at how little they looked like models to just a few short months later when she was creating beautiful models and drawings. Sophie regards everything technical that she learned about business and the fashion process to her time at Formamod.